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Re: Zone file access

  • From: Ben Kirkpatrick
  • Date: Mon May 18 00:44:35 1998

   I believe this is why they cut off public access.  The NIC was
flooded with requests for domains that had just been deleted.
People were hoping to make a buck.  If you have a _legitimate_ need
for zone file access, you will get it.  I certainly had no problem
after the NIC figured out their internal policy for granting access.
--Ben Kirkpatrick, ELI Data Products Enginneering

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Manar Hussain wrote:
)We want to use it to create an in house db of domains so we can track which
)domains are being released and do some stats stuff on it as well as do some
)degree of local domain querying without having to rely on internic's ropey
)whois) ... no desire to farm email addresses or anything.