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RE: How much longer..

  • From: McBurnett, Jim
  • Date: Wed Aug 13 16:52:35 2003

I have lurked enough on this one..
$60 Billion plus for microsoft..
and 600 millions lines of code.
thousands of employee programmers...

$1 million for *NIX
less than a million lines of code.
rewritten on a whim, and source given to
Bugs will be found and squashed easier.
Less code, more eyes. and less complex.
Less market, less users, less interest for hackers

5 less than statements for *NIX and how many more 
statements for Micro$oft?

This is like trying to comparing the towing capacity of
car to turbo diesal pickup.
there is no comparison...
I don't care if MicroSoft spends $600 Million a year,
there will always be bugs.

If a software package was perfect or a network was perfect how many
of us would have jobs?
Nothing in this world is perfect, and complaining about it does 
absolutely no good....


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On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Crist Clark wrote:

> Attacks _are_ on Linux machines. There have been Linux worms, Lion attacked
> BIND, Ramen attacked rpc.statd and wu-ftpd, Slapper attached Apache, to
> name a few. Attacks are on Solaris, the sadmin/IIS worm (which also attacked
> IIS, a cross-platform worm, remember that, cool, huh?). Attacks are on FreeBSD,
> Scalper worm attacked Apache.
> How soon people seem to forget these things.

No, I don't think people are forgetting, but what Len was originally
pointing out is that Microsoft, *because* of their vast install base
*needs* to take a more proactive role in producing a secure OS.

And the reason you can call it a "toy" OS is that on one hand you have
*BSD, Linux and friends all with an annual budget of what, maybe $1M?  And
on the other hand you have a multi-billion dollar *software* company.

Which should churn out better software? :)


> To pound it home one more time, worms that attack Microsoft products are a
> bigger deal only because Microsoft has at least an order of magnitude greater
> installbase than the nearest competitor.
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