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RE: VeriSign Capitulates

  • From: St. Clair, James
  • Date: Sat Oct 04 10:20:07 2003

 I would add that what you perceive as a "diverse group" is still a
realtively small sub-set of all the internet operations.

As Owen points out, the unstated message is a group of "geeks behind the
scene" (my words) ended something the great Verisign was doing for the
benefit of all netizens. Shame on you.. :-)

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From: Owen DeLong
To: Allen McRay;
Sent: 10/3/2003 5:47 PM
Subject: RE: VeriSign Capitulates

Verisign press releases have never been about the facts.  Instead it's
about trying to manipulate public perception to their side.  Verisign
never expressed any actual concern or even care about how much damage
their actions do to the internet.  Any expectation that this would
in this circumstance is an act of optimism or stupidity.

I only hope that the press in question will be made aware of the truth
of these matters and publish that information.  Otherwise, you may be
faced with a situation where the DOC asks ICANN why they caved to such
a small special interest group's pressure.


--On Friday, October 3, 2003 15:43 -0500 Allen McRay <>


> Outside of one other person on this list, I know no one else
> so where do they come up with the "close-knit" stuff?  I thought that
> most of the traffic I have monitored, re: this topic, has come from a
> very diverse and rather large group of people from all around the
> who have been trying to say is that what VeriSign has done has caused
> problems in their area of expertise, in their businesses, and for the
> public in general.  Also seen a lot of proof posted along with the
> comments.....
> I might also mention, I understand the technology "underpinning" the
> internet.... it's the attempted abuse of power by individuals and
> organizations like VeriSign that I can't go along with....
> Allen
>>    VeriSign also angered the close-knit group of engineers and
>>    who are familiar with the technology underpinning the Internet.
>>    say that Site Finder undermines the worldwide Domain Name System,
>>    causing e-mail systems, spam-blocking technology and other
>>    applications to malfunction.