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Re: Wired mag article on spammers playing traceroute games with trojaned boxes

  • From: Margie Arbon
  • Date: Thu Oct 09 20:21:59 2003

--On Thursday, October 09, 2003 7:54 PM -0400 Susan Harris <> wrote:

Folks, let's move this discussion onto one of the many lists that
focuses on spam: -- spam-l list
for        spam prevention and discussion -- spam tools list for
software        tools that detect spam | -- usenet

I am curious as to why open proxies, compromised hosts, trojans and routing games are not considered operational issues simply because the vehicle being discussed is spam.

With all due respect, we have a *problem*. End user machines on broadband connections are being misconfigured and/or compromised in frightening numbers. These machines are being used for everything from IRC flooder to spam engines, to DNS servers to massive DDoS infrastructure. If the ability of a teenager to launch a gb/s DDoS, or of someone DoSing mailservers off the internet with a trojan that contains a spam engine is not operational, perhaps it's just me that's confused.

Two-three years ago the warnings were ignored because it was only IRC. Now it's only spam. What does it take to make the Network Operators and NANOG decide that things that are a "very bad thing" on one protocol generally can bite you later on another if you ignore it because it's only <insert your least favorite program or protocol here>?

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