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Re: Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed

  • From: Brandon Butterworth
  • Date: Mon Jul 18 09:50:18 2005

>> Already, some 21 TLDs are whitelisted, including .cn, .tw, a number
>> of European ccTLDs, .museum, and .info. Any other registrars who
>> want to be supported can simply E-mail Gerv at the Mozilla
>> Foundation, or his Opera counterpart, and give them a pointer to
>> their anti-spoofing rules.

I don't think it's a good idea to introduce a system with a known
vulnerability and try and work around it by having some people agree
they'll police the exploit. No doubt the people protecting us
will be tempted to exploit it themselves by trying to sell
the spoofs to the spoofed domain owner as essential international
branding (.mobi, yeah. .com is shorter and people should learn
about content negotiation to present suitable content to mobiles,
no need to buy your domains all over again)

If this goes ahead the browser needs a default on button for
"please don't expose me to this spoofing attack"