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PC Picks: The Best of NANOG 82

NANOG 82 may be over, but the incredible presentations live on in the digital universe! Check out NANOG TV to see the full playlist.

Don't know where to start watching? The NANOG Programming Committee (PC) has you covered! PC members have scoured the NANOG 82 archives to bring you only the best of NANOG. Check out the top picks below from ours truly, or curate a list of your own and send it to us. We will publish your selections as a guest star of NANOG.

Cat Gurinsky

Network Engineer, Apple Inc. | NANOG Program Committee Chair



Ognian Mitev.jpg

Ognian Mitev

Sr. Director, Advanced Engineering, Core Network at Charter Communications | NANOG Program Committee Vice Chair

Elizabeth Culley.jpeg

Elizabeth Culley

Sr. Networking Engineer, Comcast | NANOG Program Committee Secretary

  • Vint Cerf’s keynote, "Evolution of the Interplanetary Internet." This was incredibly thought-provoking about how communications could and will happen across the vastness of space.
  • NOG in a Box.This was full of advice from those who’ve actually built a networking community from the ground up.
  • The Newcomers Networking session is always great. It’s  interesting to meet people with whom we have so much in common….we’re involved in the same industry, are familiar with the same players and sometimes even live in the same cities. It's fun to find out everything that connects us.

Michael Costello.jpeg

Michael Costello

Director of Engineering, Netflix | NANOG Hackathon Committee Chair

  • Vint Cerf’s keynote, "Evolution of the Interplanetary Internet." It's likely that everyone is going to have this on their top-three lists, but I'm going to include it anyway.  It was a great talk by a giant in our industry.
  • The Automation BoF. We had a good mix of experts and newcomers in the space, which led to an enthusiastic discussion of automation safety, best practices, and tips on how to learn a new language. My question: pick a representational problem that exercises language features you care about and implement that. Some people like to write URL shortening services. I like parsers/translators.
  • The Hackathon. I've said a bunch on it before and this was another great one.  See you at the N83 Hackathon Halloween weekend.  Costumes will be encouraged but not required.