Shipping + Logistics

Shipping Instructions:

To ensure the delivery of boxes to your designated exhibit area, please use the NANOG labels below and complete the NANOG Shipping Form with your company name, contact information, number of boxes shipped and tracking numbers.


  • Hotel Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth will accept shipments starting on Thursday, June 2nd.  
  • If your materials are coming from outside Canada, it will have to clear Canadian customs. A Customs Broker will be able to assist with additional information. 
  • Hotel does NOT have a shipping/receiving department on-site (e.g. NO FedEx, UPS, Business Center). The hotel staff will be receiving, handling, and delivering all packages for NANOG 85.
  • FedEx/UPS shipments received by the front desk will be delivered to the convention floor by the bell desk. The bellman’s cart fee is the responsibility of the sponsor.  
    • Half Cart: $6.00 CDN + taxes / Full Cart:  $9.00 CDN + taxes
  • To ensure the delivery of boxes to your designated exhibit area the NANOG Shipping Form must be completed with your company name, contact information, number of boxes shipped and tracking numbers.
  • Common problems that can delay the delivery of your shipments are: 
    • NANOG Shipping Form is not completed
    • Any packages being shipped to the Hotel must be pre-paid. The hotel will not receive or sign for C.O.D. shipments
    • Recipient does not know how the boxes were shipped 
    • Recipient does not have tracking numbers 
    • Boxes were not addressed with the Shipping Labels below
    • If you comply with the shipping and handling instructions, your packages will be delivered to your designated exhibit area:
    • 30 minutes prior to your exhibit time for breakfast/breaks/lunch 
    • at least 60 minutes prior for Beer N Gear

Canadian Border Services Agency Letter:

To facilitate border procedures during entry into Canada, each participant should have a copy of this letter and be in possession of an itemized list of articles stating description, quantity and value for presentation to CBSA officials.

Shipping and Customs Broker:

If you would like to receive a quote for shipping assistance please contact Sho-Air International at [email protected].


Outbound Packages:

All outbound packages MUST have a completed carrier shipping label affixed to each package along with an updated Commercial Invoice. The Hotel will pick up outbound packages and take them to the Hotel's shipping area to be sent out.

- FedEx Commercial Invoice

- UPS Commercial Invoice

- Sho-Air Commercial Invoice


All sponsors that are shipping materials to NANOG 85, MUST use one of the provided shipping labels below. Please provide the label to any vendors sending packages on your behalf.

Please click on the sponsorship type for your label, below — each box must contain a label:

- Beer N Gear Sponsor

- Break Sponsor 

- Breakfast Sponsor 

- Espresso Sponsor 

- Giveaway Sponsor 

- Hackathon Sponsor 

- Lunch Sponsor

- Network Lounge Sponsor

- Newcomers Breakfast Sponsor

- Peering Coordination Forum Sponsor 

- Host / Premium Sponsors

- Social Sponsor 

- Women in Technology Lunch Sponsor

Audio Visual, Electrical, and Internet:

AV & Electrical Order Form

Internet: NANOG wireless network included complimentary.

Wired ethernet connection may be requested at NANOG Sponsor Support.

Sponsor Guidelines:

Please reference the Sponsor Guidelines for further information.