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Communications Committee Member Responsibilities

Committee Membership Requirements

The Communications Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Voting Member of 

the Board of Directors. To be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Communications Committee, 

an individual must be a member in good standing.

One of the primary functions of Communications Committee is the maintenance of a community mailing 

list (the NANOG operators list). The Communications Committee will be responsible for the administration 

and minimal moderation of the list.

The main NANOG mailing list serves an important role in the community by providing a day-to-day forum 

for network operators. Participating as a member of the Communications Committee gives you the 

opportunity to make a noticeable contribution.

Support NANOG Strategy/Goal:

  • Build a unified branding and message about NANOG’s unique position and community
  • Maintain the sense of community and accessibility in conferences and archived materials
  • Increase member sense that NANOG offerings are compelling, and easy to support the community


Measures of Success:

  • List moderation participation
  • List management participation
  • Community communication engagement
Key Milestones   Meeting Number Results 
Call participation  NANOG xx  
List On-Call Service NANOG xx  
Communication with community NANOG xx