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Re: Cisco as Big Brother (Was Re: Cisco's AIP vs HSSI)

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Wed Oct 16 12:11:21 1996

> The salespeople in the UK are using that tactic too?  If a sales rep 
> EVER walked into my office and fed me a line like that, I would end the
> meeting right there.  As it is, I refuse to do business with Cisco not
> because of their products, but because of their marketing department
> and their corporate attitude of "We're the best, nobody can touch us,
> and if you want to buy our product you better bend over backwards to do
> what we want you to do."  That was their attitude three years ago when
> our company was just getting started, and I haven't noticed it change
> much today.

No. I think the phrase *actually* used at a meeting (I was elsewhere
that day) was "It is a priveledge to deal with a market leader like
Cisco." This was the Cisco sales rep, not us. sigh.

Buy! Buy! Bye Bye. :-P

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