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Re: Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

  • From: Todd Graham Lewis
  • Date: Fri Oct 25 14:30:31 1996

I have to say that Jim makes a fairly convincing case.  I guess the only
way to force the issue would be for the Europeans to cut the transatlantic
links and see who blinks first.  Would American NSPs start throwing cables
across the pond?  I don't know. 

Nonetheless, there is an argument that American networks benefit greatly
from the leverage which being in the US provides, leverage dependent
purely on the number of hosts within the States and independent of
regulation, tarriffs, etc. 

I think the argument is undermined by the fact that peering in Europe is
in a fairly dismal state.  Were there a MAE-{London, Paris, Prague} I
somehow think that the big five at least might throw a T3 or two over.
Until that happens, nothing will change.  Maybe as access points start 
springing up in Japan, the Phillipines, etc., the roadblocks to such a 
cooperative project will start to be removed.
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