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Re: Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP

  • From: Avi Freedman
  • Date: Sat Oct 26 19:42:33 1996

> Sorry I was not able to make it to NANOG to present, but I wanted to
> answer one question. Avi Freedman asked what would we do if a airplane
> crashed into the side of the Atlanta-NAP. The Atlanta-NAP is at 230
> Peachtree on the 5th floor. There are two buildings around this building
> that go up to the 8th floor. If a airplane was to crash in the Atlanta-NAP
> direction it would not hit our building. If it did hit the other side of
> the building it may cut MCI metro fiber, but we have MFS and Bell South
> fiber from two different sides and two different power feed to the 5th
> floor.
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Of course, I was half-joking, but why only one Gigaswitch?  Why not two,
for redundancy, as is implemented at Pennsauken?

With a backup FDDI ring?
And I assume, spare power supplies and processors?


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