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Re: Routing Policy and

  • From: Stephen Schmidt
  • Date: Wed May 06 13:00:24 1998

> For the first time we have had to deal with  Sprint's routing policy as
> defined by  Here is the situation.  
> One of our dialup customers wants to access his website in the
> network at another provider.  PSI is advertising it as a
> /24.  According to Sprint's routing policy, they do not honour anything
> longer than a /19 in . 

It's interesting that PSI routes it at all.  While IP ownership (note the
NON-PORTABLE below) and routing aren't necessarily interconnected, I
suggest contacting the block's owner and seeing if they know it's
alternately routed.  If they wish, they can request that PSI un-route this
block.  However, that would break whomever is using it.  The user should
re-number into PSI space, and this issue will go away.  If the user is
multi-homed, they should investigate the adivisibility of getting a CIDR
block which they can announce as an aggregate.

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> I am now in the position trying to explain to the very non-technical
> customer, why he cant reach that site, which from his point of view just
> seems like I am passing the buck... 
> Anyways, my question is, are their any other ISPs/NSPs that follow the same
> guidelines.  UUNet seems to honor it just fine, as does MCI.  Is Sprint
> more hardnosed than most ?
> 	---Mike
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