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Re: Routing Policy and

  • From: Mark Kent
  • Date: Wed May 06 13:04:50 1998

>> [snip]
>> One of our dialup customers wants to access his website in the
>> network at another provider.  
>> [snip]
>> Anyways, my question is, are their any other ISPs/NSPs that follow the same
>> guidelines.  UUNet seems to honor it just fine, as does MCI.  Is Sprint
>> more hardnosed than most ?

That is the wrong question to ask.  The real question is who has been
handing out 206.116/16 like they were dealing cards?  A quick look
at the announcments and in reveals a bunch of /24
spread out over Canada.

Historically, and currently, the Canadians crowd the top of 
the Tony Bates cidr list.  Why is that?


P.S.  I see iSTAR has 206.116/16.... why don't they announce it?