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Re: Core router bakeoff?

  • From: Perry E. Metzger
  • Date: Thu May 07 18:08:11 1998

Arnaud Girsch writes:
> > You don't want Bay and you certainly don't want 3Com. If your network
> > is fairly slow (ethernets and T1s only) you can use PCs running a
> > reasonable BSD and GateD. Otherwise, the only commercial choice is
> > Cisco.
> Just out of curiosity ...
> Why not considering the 4th vendor, Cabletron, for this kind of equipment,
> before using PCs.

PCs are cheap and I know them well. I wasn't aware Cabletron even had
a box with a BGP-4 implementation in it.

> They just released some announcement that major companies and campuses are
> using their equipment for new backbones.

That sounds like salesspeak. I've used lots of cabletron hubs and such 
over the years, but they never seemed to have real routers.