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Re: Core router bakeoff?

  • From: Jon Green
  • Date: Thu May 07 22:44:38 1998

On Thu, 07 May 1998 16:54:27 -0400, [email protected] writes:
>Rob M VanHooren writes:
>> Hi, just a quickie (respond via e-mail, I'll summarize to the list)...
>> Need to build a core NSP backbone.
>> Who's equipment do I want:
>Like this is a question?
>You don't want Bay and you certainly don't want 3Com. If your network
>is fairly slow (ethernets and T1s only) you can use PCs running a
>reasonable BSD and GateD. Otherwise, the only commercial choice is

Wait.. a Bay BCN will push 1 Gb/s through the box, but you are recommending
a PC running GateD over a Bay router?  If you are going to tell people
"don't use this" a least give some reasons why to justify it.


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