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Re: Spam .. Find the sender !

  • From: David R. Conrad
  • Date: Wed May 13 20:35:31 1998


>>well... maybe it's time for someone to threaten
>>[email protected] via a leased UUnet dialup...
>You realize this is enough to prompt a call by the secret service...
>Don't encourage the clueless, else they might actually do something like

As a person who has been getting a call and/or email from the US Secret
Service, the FBI, the NCIS, and probably the CIA (but if they told me,
they'd have to kill me of course), every other week, I'll just say the
clueless don't need encouragement (also, it'd be nice if someone in the US
gov't could read the little lines that say "check the APNIC database before
contacting APNIC".  But then again, why should the US Gov't be any
different that the people in the US?)