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Re: ARIN allocating /20 netblocks?

  • From: Brett Frankenberger
  • Date: Sat May 16 16:56:10 1998

:: Jon Lewis writes ::
> The change made it possible for many "small" ISPs to truely multihome.
> FDT is one of them.  When I found out about "the change", I was about to
> renumber FDT into Digex address space, since we did not qualify under the
> old rules for an ARIN CIDR block (immediately fill 80% of a /19).  The
> /20 Digex was going to give us was in filtered space, meaning anyone
> filtering BGP like Sprint would not see our advertisements and would only
> have reached us through Digex...making our additional T1's to the net
> somewhat pointless.

Really?  What is their new policy?  Suppose you can only fill 60% of a
/19 ... do they give you a /20 (with permission to announce the /19)
and force you to use provider space for the other 819.2 addresses that
you need?  My point is this: 100% of a /20 is 50% of a /19 ... so if
you justify need for more than 50% of a /19, that should be
jutification for a /19. (less than 50% of a /19 could be satisfied by a
/20). (and likewise for other sizes, both larger and smaller than /19). 
Does ARIN not see it that way?

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