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  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Sun May 17 12:06:38 1998

How come all of these discussions about ARIN
are not on the ARIN mailing list(s) ? Could it be
because some of the ARIN mailing lists are not
available to the public ? Why is that...?

Or...Is it because these are really IANA discussions
and there is not a public IANA discussion list ?

Will that be one of the first things that the new IANA Inc.
does...??...(i.e. create an open discussion list)...


By the way...since there appears to be interest from
NANOG members in these is my 2 cents...

1. People have been suggesting for years that /19 allocations
should be easy to get and totally free of subjective decision
making. I and others have suggested that TWO signed affidavits
from upstream providers that will be providing the ISP with at
least DS1 connections should be all that is required to obtain
the allocation. If the ISP goes out of business, the registry gets
to recover a larger block that can be easily recycled. Having
many different sizes costs more in administrative costs and
requires companies like ARIN to spend more money and
therefore charge more.

2. It should be clear to everyone that the IPv4 address space
is a mess and the IPv4 core transport network will eventually
be replaced. There are a variety of strategies for how to do this.
Which protocol is used is not the major issue. The Address
Management Plan is more critical. The IPv4 plan is the result
of years of strife, there is no IPv6 plan, and the IPv8 plan is
oriented toward the ideas that some NANOG members have
expressed here about NAT and RFC 1918 10.x.x.x networks
behind proxy/firewalls. It is encouraging to see that NANOG
members are moving in that direction. It is a shame they are
being forced there because the IPv4 policies are so onerous
and biased toward large telcos, ISPs and the regional registries
like ARIN, RIPE and APNIC who are taxing everyone with
millions of dollars in fees for a very minimal service.

Jim Fleming
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