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Re: ARIN allocating /20 netblocks?

  • From: Chris A. Icide
  • Date: Mon May 18 00:45:33 1998

At 08:59 PM 5/15/98 -0400, Kim Hubbard wrote:
>> Jeremiah Kristal wrote:


>> ARIN has made a slight change to make it easier for them to make more
>> money by allowing anyone to register for IPs.  They will assign a /20 and
>> reserve the adjacent /20...


>ARIN just can't win with some people :-)  If we don't change policy, we're
>evil....if we do, we're greedy.  *sigh*

If I remember correctly (someone correct me if I'm wrong here), ARIN is a
Non-profit organization.  This classification generally means something to
the effect that they can't make more money.

So, if they begin taking in more revenues due to an increased use of thier
services, they must either spend those revenues, or reduce the price of the

Of course increased usage might mean that they may have to add more
hardware/Software/People, etc.

<here is where I may be seriously wrong, however....>

I do believe that members have a say into how this is resolved, by acting
through one of the governing boards?