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Re: Suggestion for improved identD

  • From: Ehud Gavron
  • Date: Tue May 19 19:32:20 1998

>There isn't necessarily just a single user on the other end of a PPP
	Perhaps I should have phrased it as "single user network
	connection" and not "PPP".  I'm less concerned with the
	PPP as a protocol than as its modern usage to connect the
	dialup user.

>Many things will break if the actual user and the user
>that PPP intercepted identd asserts do not match.


>Providing such information may be a violation of confidentiality if

	Login string.  e.g. username.

>Because the PPP access device cannot know, unless it also tracks all the
>traffic involved, what ports are in fact in use, it would have to give

	If l2 is up, it's up.  That's fairly basic...

>I believe you misunderstand the purpose of identd.  It was intended to

>Why do you want this data?

	My personal crusade against packet monkeys, spammers, and
	irresponsible admins who support them by pretending that
	the net is free for all to abuse.