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Re: Suggestion for improved identD

  • From: Christopher Neill
  • Date: Wed May 20 10:58:54 1998

> Actually, in that example, ther was no ident reply from the remote host.
> "evilspammer" is just the name given when the remote host gives his EHLO
> or HELO.
> Received: from ([email protected] [])
> 	  ...
> means my mail server identified itself as "," with a real
> host name of "" and IP of, and an ident reply of
> "djr."

There are valid reasons for a mail to be sent claiming to be sent from
an address it wasnt actually sent from (this is why there is sendmail
-f). Identd, on the other hand, is wholly worthless. I can't believe
people actually trust it (ie, in wrappers), as it is so trivially

I think the "proxy ident" idea is the most silly thing I've heard in
ages. Come up with a rotating key-based way to authenticate clients
and we can talk turkey..

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