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Re: different thinking on exchanging traffic

  • Date: Tue May 26 14:06:13 1998

Hmmm.  This sounds like Qwest.  Plans for an OC192 backbone with bandwidth
to anyone.  Already planning to do the InterGIGAPOP net for Internet2.  

> Date:          Fri, 22 May 1998 20:30:32 -0400
> From:          Jonathan Arneault <[email protected]>
> Subject:       different thinking on exchanging traffic
> To:            [email protected]
> Reply-to:      [email protected]

> A few days ago I posted a proposal for traffic exchange across an ATM
> backbone specifically designed for that purpose.  I am suggesting an NxOC-48
> network with peers purchasing DS3 connections at their various geographic
> locations, and establishing ATM PVCs with specified CBR's to their respective
> peers. Each DS3 connection would allow up to 5 PVCs, with over-subscription at
> a 2 to 1 maximum.  In this scenario, a flat pricing for a port would be about
> 5K/month, and CBR's would be set at a maximum of 10K/mo for full DS3
> bandwidth.
> Since the beginning of this thread, I have been in contact with several
> venture capital firms to feel out the support from the financial world about
> making this do-able.  I have estimated the costs involved with the fiber and
> switch purchases at about US 691MM for sunk capital costs, and approximately
> 250K/mo for operating expenses.
> With strong indications of its fiscal viability, I am now asking you, the
> potential consumers of such a service, your distinct opinions, and whether or
> not you would purchase such a service if made available.
> Specifically, if I build it, will you come.
> Your response will determine whether or not I will proceed in my discussions
> with the VCs, and will probably be incorporated into a supporting document in
> the application for funding.  It is understood that no statement you make in
> regard to this letter will be legally binding, and will in no wise obligate
> you to purchase this service if and when it becomes available.
> I'm really asking you all to do me a favor by letting me know if you'd like to
> see this or not.  If so, great.  If not, I'd rather spend my energy on
> something that'll be successful.
> Please respond to me directly, and include your name, title, your company's
> name, and a day-time telephone number.
> Thanks much,
> Jonathan Arneault
> [email protected]

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