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Re: Why does Sprint have address filters again?

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Thu May 28 18:09:26 1998

At 13:11 5/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>ARIN has asserted that individual members (and in fact individual AC members)
>don't have a right to have these types of questions answered.
>It is my counter-assertion that IF ARIN is going to act as a custodian of
>an essential facility (which it is), in the public interest (which is
>currently open and in debate), that not only do the AC and membership have
>these rights, but the general public has the right to full transparency
>within ARIN's operation.

I must agree with you in principle.  If YOU, of all people, are not
permitted answers to these questions, who in the world is?  And...what do
you get for your $1000 membership fee?

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