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Re: Why does Sprint have address filters again?

  • From: Karl Denninger
  • Date: Fri May 29 09:04:40 1998

On Fri, May 29, 1998 at 12:07:01AM -0400, Avi Freedman wrote:
> > Yes, and that's for the entirely time-consuming entering your name and a
> > number in a database (can you say "default nextval()").
> > 
> > One has to wonder just where the authority for THAT one comes from.
> > 
> > Karl Denninger ([email protected])| MCSNet - Serving Chicagoland and Wisconsin
> As a general idea, I don't have a problem with having some resistor
> to demand for AS numbers, but $500 probably isn't much of a resistor.
> But clearly it can take $100 or $200 of time to evaluate a request,
> trace topology, and/or verify with the future upstreams the validity.
> Avi

It requires $100 worth of someone's time to make two phone calls and/or read
two signed service agreements?

Perhaps if ARIN is paying their people $100/hour, yes.

(This is a CLERK's job)

I disagree strongly on the "resistor" argument, at least for the initial
assignment.  Bottom line - if you're announcing networks, you need an ASN.
If you're not, you don't.  Demonstrate that someone is going to allow you 
to announce networks, and you get one.

If you want a SECOND one for administrative convenience or whatever, now for
THAT I can see charging a significant fee.  Why?  Because its not *necessary*
for you to have a second one.  You might WANT a second ASN, you might in
fact want several of them for policy routing reasons, but that's not the
same thing as a NEED for a second (or subsequent) ASN.

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