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Re: Sprint's New ION products

  • From: Bret McDanel
  • Date: Thu Jun 04 15:27:16 1998

There is something that wasnt mentioned..  And this may or may not be
important (and how you can download WITHOUT the last mile problem)..

What is the upload speed?  Was that mentioned?  Sprint is a big investor in
the motorola iridium project (cell&satellite phone)..  They may be able to
get some channels off that (or even off another sat somewhere, they dont
cost that much to put 1 geostationary sat that would be able to cover all
of north america)..

Now those people (directpc, etc) claim super fast speeds..  But that is
download only..  You can get '100 times the speed' downloading but you
upload at 28.8/33.6/56k..  which makes it unusable for videoconferencing
(if both people are on this it would be no different than being modem

Now I dont know how they would integrate all the services onto one pair,
like the claimed, but that would certainly take a lot of load off the
line, and make it easier to deliver this type of service..

This is prolly not a totally accurate guess, but it was something that
popped into my head, and is technically possible..

---Reply on mail from Stephen Sprunk about Sprint's New ION products

> Given that:
> A.     Sprint announced they are partnering with Cisco for ION
> B.     Cisco bought NetSpeed, an ADSL vendor, a few months ago
> C.     Cisco just released the 6x00 series, carrier-class ADSL hardware
> D.     Cisco's gear uses ATM over ADSL
> One could assume that Sprint intends to run ATM over ADSL into the home,
> and provision all transport services over that link.
> Internet access would have a PVC to the ISP of choice, most likely
> Sprint Passport (aka Earthlink?).
> Long distance voice would be SVC directly into Sprint's core network,
> bypassing the 3.5c termination fee.
> Local voice would be SVC (translated to DS0?) to the LEC or to Sprint's
> CLEC division, depending on regulatory status.
> Video and other emerging services would be funnelled off into other
> Sprint business units as appropriate.
> Am I missing something?
> Stephen
---End reply
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