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Re: worldnic

  • From: James Rishaw
  • Date: Fri Jun 05 12:53:00 1998
  • Rfc_violation: You saw it here first!

Jon Lewis wrote:
> Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:21:57 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Jon Lewis <[email protected]>
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> To: [email protected]
> Subject: worldnic
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> I must not be on enough or the right lists...but what's the deal with

>From what I know, InterNIC is a service mark owned by NSF.  "InterNIC.NET" is
*not* owned by NSI or SAIC.  I believe "WWW.InterNIC.NET" is the same,
and "" was NSI's (failed?) attempt to say "OK, we wont
use for NSI stuff."

Worldnic.* is the deployment and transition from InterNIC, IMHO/guess -
in anticipation of some sort of government takeover, contract pulling or
what not.  If NSI only has InterNIC, and "InterNIC" is decommissioned,
NSI is .. well .. SOL.

Whereas, if they have WorldNIC, they position themselves as an existing
registrar, and have a shoe-in opportunity at maintaining/retaining
rights to register domain names.

WorldNIC also registers domain names for other TLDs besides COM/NET/ORG/EDU,
if you look.

I've been hearing bits and pieces from various places at NSI regarding
WorldNIC for a while.  **IMHO** it's a real mess.  I don't see a whole lot
of organization with it, and NSI is acting really, really stupid by not
making a formal press release regarding deployment of WorldNIC.

They seem to do this a lot, though.. deploy something really major and
say nothing about it.. and on the other side of the hand they'll do something
dumb and send stuff to AP, Newswire, etc..  I don't get it. :(

> Thank you for contacting Network Solutions, Inc., InterNIC
> Registration Services.

That's grammatically incorrect, too :)  I love it.  I don't think
there's one template that NSI/SAIC/InterNIC/WorldNIC/NameOfTheWeek
has put out that doesnt have something messed up in it.. :/

> The domain name you are attempting to update was registered
> through WorldNIC Services and should be updated via the following
> URL:

Also incorrect.. It was registered through InterNIC and is now being
managed by WorldNIC, or some such.  Gah. How annoying.

A lot of people are going to be really confused.  If they don't say something
soon, they're gonna get people even more ticked off with them.

Although, they do (finally) have an 888 number. :)

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