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Re: Load balancing/Multiple CNAME's (Was: Re: Beyond DNS...)

  • From: Studded
  • Date: Sat Jun 06 14:18:05 1998

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> 10.1. CNAME resource records


> That is, for any label in the DNS (any domain name)
>    exactly one of the following is true:
>      + one CNAME record exists, optionally accompanied by SIG, NXT, and
>        KEY RRs,
>      + one or more records exist, none being CNAME records,
>      + the name exists, but has no associated RRs of any type,
>      + the name does not exist at all.

	Thanks, someone else was kind enough to send me the ref last night too.
This RFC has been on the standards track for about a year, and isn't
moving forward (that I've seen). I follow most of the standards track
stuff but not all of it. 

	In any case, all this does is reinforce Paul Vixie's statement in the
FAQ that I quoted previously. Basically he said that multiple CNAME's
are allowed now, but may go away at some point in the future. That
doesn't mean it's not a valid tool now, especially since there aren't
any better tools yet. 

Thanks for the quote,

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