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Decided - Re: So... what's the best routing solution for..

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Sat Jun 13 21:02:20 1998

On Sat, Jun 13, 1998 at 01:00:19AM -0700, Tony Li wrote:
> > Incidentally, if this is better discussed on another list,
> > I'll go subscribe to it and raise the question there...
> Hell no, this is operational content. ;-)

Well, Tony and other NANOG folks, I think that due to TCO considerations
(not the least being price of a router-in-a-box and my extensive experience
with Linux) I'm going to go with the Linux-based solution. I really do like
Cisco's, but upon further consideration a router-in-a-box doesn't seem like
the proper way to go right now.

Thanks for ALL of your input.

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