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Re: Digex transparent proxying

  • From: Rich Sena
  • Date: Sat Jun 27 13:14:12 1998

On Sat, 27 Jun 1998, Karl Denninger wrote:

> That doesn't work, since the meta-tag is on the PAGE, not the element (which
> technically doesn't exist and is a figment of the server's imagination)

That is why it must first be parsed by the web server.

> Therefore, any page which has a non-cacheable element (ie: an ad or
> time-sensitive data) must be marked non-cachable.

No sireee Karl - no the entire page but the specific element that is time

> Congratulations - you just specified that any shtml or asp page must be
> marked non-cachable, along with any time-sensitive or advertiser-sponsored
> page.

Yikes - Karl there are many differnt items on the page - they do not all
have to have the same attributes - a cgi, an asp a banner-add, or maybe
some other item on the page can be marked dynamic while the rest of the
elements can be cached.

> If that actually happens, then the proxy server operators will start
> shutting off recognition of the headers, and now we're right back where 
> we started, along with the performance problems that this causes (forcing
> the traffic through a proxy server for EACH access actually HURTS
> performance, not helps it).

Yeah assuming that everyone who owns/operates a proxy/cache is a total and
utter moron.

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