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Re: Digex transparent proxying

  • From: andrew khoo
  • Date: Mon Jun 29 10:43:22 1998

On Sat, 27 Jun 1998, Rich Sena wrote:

> Sure if "everything" on the site is tagged as dynamic or is pre-expired
> then what is the point of caching at all - but "everything" doesn't need
> to be for caching and hit-stats to coexist - just count your hits on one
> item, just leave those items that ABSOLUTELY must be dynamic be dynamic -
> and items that should be updated daily - should have the correct expires
> date set - so that IMS can work to their advantage.

more aggressive caching techniques would necessitate that the tags be
ignored anyway, and the "dynamic" content would still be cached. expires
etc are only useful if the caching box decides to honour them.

some of the content providers in the US would turn over in their graves if
they knew what people who pay heaps more $$$ for traffic are doing to
their web sites :). we have done some funky stuff with content (read:
caching of dynamic pages, even .asps, "tokenized" HTML, dropping realaudio
UDP etc etc etc).

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