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Re: Carpet?

  • From: Tim Pozar
  • Date: Fri Oct 16 11:30:34 1998

Stephen Stuart wrote:
> > I'm looking for carpeting for the area outside of a machine room that
> > won't cause the "shuffle your feet and shock yourself" phenomenon.  I
> > noticed most datacenters I've seen are carpeted up to the entrance without
> > any ESD problems.  Is there special "anti-ESD" carpet?  Where might I find
> > it?
> Yes. Searching AltaVista for "anti-static carpet" (without the quotes)
> will produce results of which the following is in the first ten matches:
> I once recommended anti-static carpet for a machine room, and I was
> very happy with the way it turned out. I might be able to dig up the
> name of the supplier if you contact me off-line.
> Stephen

This stuff is expensive.  Most of anti-static carpet fabric will have 
wire threaded through it and a drain wire attached that you should ground.

It may be far easier to pick up a grounded chair mat that you can place
at the table.  Any used office supply place should have them.

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