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Re: Yahoo offline because of attack (was: Yahoo network outage)

  • From: NANOG Mailing List
  • Date: Wed Feb 09 01:20:02 2000

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Also, ingress filtering certainly doesn't help when their 4
> inverse-muxed T1's are clogged with 20Mbps of traffic, forged or 
> otherwise.  Sure, the router is dropping the traffic like mad, but it's

As I've seen it, and don't really care until it burns
up all of their available exchange/peering bandwidth with the outside
world.  They're too profit driven to notice the impact they're making on
others.  If it were not so, or they actually had the headroom in
bandwidth *AND* router CPU, they (AS174 for example!) would implement
ingress filtering when at minimum, a peer asked them to.

AS174, look back to 1995 when I was (stupid for being your customer to
start with)  taking 45Mb/s at each of your borders and you *REFUSED* to
block it there AND/OR at the router we peered with!