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Re: Make Inggress Filtering the LAW for all ISPs!

  • From: Henry R. Linneweh
  • Date: Sat Feb 12 15:39:10 2000

I never said make it a law, I said make it part of the peering administration

There business practices and there are laws, and laws can not handle what
happens out here on the networks since they cross so many geo-political

Ehud Gavron wrote:

> Make Inggress[sic] Filtering the LAW for all NANOG postings!
> It should eliminate 99.9% of DOS posters.
> I suggest we make the nanog list subscriber post only.  We're
> starting to attract popular media attention, and that can only
> invite these "helpful" kind of postings.
> Ehud
> >It should eliminate 99.9% of DOS attacks!
> >Audie Onibala
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Thank you;
| Thinking is a learned process so is UNIX   |
Henry R. Linneweh