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Re: TOS history?

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Thu Feb 24 17:20:04 2000


Here is perhaps another useful historical reference, at least
in the context of IP Precedence:

Mitigating the coming Internet crunch: multiple service
 levels via Precedence
R. Bohn, H.-W. Braun, K. Claffy and S. Wolff, submitted
 for publication, November 1993.

- paul

At 11:59 PM 02/21/2000 -0500, Dana Hudes wrote:

Hi folks, I'm busily writing up my next lecture for my TCP/IP course at CUNY Hunter
(text is Comer vol. 1 4th edition), the topic is the base Internet Protocol datagram format. I come to the TOS field which, as all know, was originally specified in the base IP specification RFC 791 then attempt to extend and reconcile it with later RFCs made in RFC 1349 followed subsequently in RFC 2474 in late 1998 which completely changed it to support DiffServ. In RFC 791 on page 11, Jon Postel writes: