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No, ORBS is a good tool [WAS: Alright, ORBS sucks - next topic, please ;) [was RE: RBL-type BGPservice for known rogue networks?]]

  • From: Eric A. Hall
  • Date: Sat Jul 08 16:24:49 2000

> It's great that their 'service' helped you; however, some of us would
> prefer to rely upon our own skills and experience to ensure that our
> systems are properly set-up.

I don't know if you actually went out of your way to misrepresent my
comments or if it was accidental. Either way, you're wrong again: The
'service' they provide is a database of VERIFIED open relays. It is a
damn good service and is very a useful tool in the arsenal.

As to your "skills and experience," how did you manage to get in their
database of open relays with such a finely-tuned system? I got in
because I left a small hole; my own skills and experience were good but
not perfect. If you choose not to use outside verification tools that's
certainly up to you, but I'm not required to accept mail from your open
relays, regardless of how superior your intellect may be.


Eric A. Hall                            
Internet Core Protocols