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RE: Arrowpoint Load Balancing Devices

  • From: Karyn Ulriksen
  • Date: Mon Jul 10 21:35:08 2000

>I seem to remember the folks over at Andover being disgusted with the
>Arrowpoint boxes after a recent denial-of-service attack.  You might try
>searching on Slashdot; I think they posted a pretty fair criticism of the

Yeah, Jeremy Noetzelman, over at People dug up the links and I read through

It looks like they had to jump to the CS800 to get stability after the
CS100's died.  I looked at doing this, but it looked like I would end up
with a 16u (size?) chassis serving 6 to 8 servers with no where to move up.
Try and sell *that* to a Board of Directors...