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RE: Piracy on parade.

  • From: Exiled Dave
  • Date: Fri Jul 14 23:51:37 2000

Geeze paul. People have been dealing with
impersonation for eternity. Just because you get
impersonated by a few people you want to put the
entire list under marshall law? I hope you dont ever
run a country. Let YOUR actions speak louder than
impersonated words ("Paul would NEVER say that...")

Dont you have some bugs to fix in bind or something?
Instead of whining about other people's actions, bring
yours up to par first.

(Jason Legate) 

>Agreed, there is far too much impersonation happening
>on this list, I am 
>sure that Bandy Rush would agree with me as well. To
>have malicious people 
>abuse our good names is just unacceptable.
>Vaul Pixie - [email protected]
>>Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 13:24:42 -0400
>>From: Dmitri Krioukov <[email protected]>
>>To: [email protected]
>>Subject: RE: piracy on parade
>>wouldn't it to be a right time
>>to get list moderated?

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