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Re: bw usage?

  • From: Alex
  • Date: Wed Jul 26 11:29:21 2000

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, David M. Ramsey wrote:

> For now I've cobbled together some crude software to regularly 
> read SNMP port byte in/out counters from our switches, stashing 
> the deltas in a DB for later reporting/analysis.

We do about the same thing, but we store absolute byte counts, relative
byte counts from the last measurement, and figure the kb/s; we also store
AdminStatus and OperStatus for SLA purposes. 

> I'm concerned that the data is misleading, though, in that it will
> include LAN broadcast traffic.  Also, customers end up paying 
> for other bandwidth that they did not want or induce, like network 
> scans, etc. (tough luck?).

Exactly, tough. If they use the bandwidth, then they should pay for the

> We've considered implementing unique customer VLANS to separate
> customer broadcast domains, but it seems like that'd be a pain,
> would eat up IP addresses, and possibly tax our routers with all of
> the ISL/VLAN stuff?

We do that; it's unwise to have everyone on the same VLAN, as some others
have demonstrated.