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RE: Confussion over multi-homing

  • From: Alex Pilosov
  • Date: Fri Sep 15 18:30:51 2000

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Dmitri Krioukov wrote:

> > 2. It only protects you from failure of a link from you to upstream, not
> > from upstream losing their connectivity, power, or flapping like crazy and
> > getting dampened. In my experience, latter happened more often than first.
> > :)
> note that "non-direct ebgp" peering on the picture can actually be between
> e-br-a and *any* router in isp-b, not necessarily isp-br-b. this way your
> real problem 2 is solved.

Not really. If the 'internet defaultless core' routers drop the route to
ISP-B, then you are still completely screwed.