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HR 4445 Reciprocal Compensation

  • From: Robert Cannon
  • Date: Mon Sep 18 15:41:26 2000

I would note that the FCC has an open proceeding to consider what
compensation mechanism should apply to ISP bound traffic.  The FCC
originally concluded that ISP Bound traffic is interstate - normally
recprical compensation applies only to local calls.  Instead of saying
reciprocal compensation does not apply, the FCC (a) affirmed all existing
agreements and (b) said no rule exists for ISP bound traffic and therefore
opened an inquiry to make a rule.  The DC Circuit Vacated the FCC's
conclusion that it was interstate traffic.  In response, the FCC released a
further notice requesting comments on what to do about ISP bound
telecommunications in light of the Court's decision.

This is an open administrative proceeding.  Anyone can file comments. 
Comments can be filed online on the FCC's electronic comment filing system
as easily as writing an e-mail.  The Formal Comment period has closed - all
that means is that when you file your comments, you need to check off the
box that says this is an "ex parte" filing.  The FCC generally continues to
accept comments until the very last minute.  The FCC is required by law to
consider your opinion in its decision.

More information on the proceeding can be found at

Robert Cannon

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