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Re: o/t: Re: Root zone change --

  • From: Roland Dobbins
  • Date: Thu Sep 21 16:57:31 2000

We all know it's not just North American - my point is that Mr. Bush's
political commentary is unecessary and inappropriate for this list.

I just preordered your Second Edition from Amazon the other day, btw - I
just hope they're still around to ship me my copy in February!  It's
good to see such a seminal reference reissued with updates.

"Steven M. Bellovin" wrote:
> In message <[email protected]>, Roland Dobbins writes:
> >
> >The point I was trying to make - and which I'm sure that you understood,
> >but simply chose to ignore - is that it's not a Bad Thing to be somewhat
> >U.S.-centric when discussing technical issues on the North American
> >Network Operator's Group list.
> >
> >*Technical issues*.  I could care less about your juvenile political
> >beliefs, nor, I suspect, do the vast majority of subscribers to this
> >list.  It's sad that you've so much trouble distinguishing between the
> >two.
> >
> >Your personal animus and general obnoxiousness are surprising, given
> >your c.v. and and the position of responsibility you hold within Verio.
> >It will be interesting to learn how their P.R. department respond to
> >questions concerning your penchant for injecting political commentary
> >into an unmistakably -technical- forum, all the while in your official
> >guise as an officer of said company.
> Since Verio is being purchased by NTT, I suspect that upper management
> really cares about international issues, and welcomes senior folks who
> understand that the net is not just North American...
>                 --Steve Bellovin

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