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Re: Internet metrics

  • From: Daniel L. Golding
  • Date: Thu Nov 30 23:51:44 2000

All of this is easily available at There,
the folks who run the Internet (which is, in reality, a smallish server
farm at a non-descript colo in Reston, VA), maintain and publish all of
these statistics. ;)

Oh, you're serious? has some interesting "weather data" in
graphical format. I think you will find very little of the sort of data
you are looking for, in any sort of coherent package. Some of it, like
"average speed of the internet" is so highly subjective, that it may be
impossible to measure. 

For some of the rest, try They may have some tools and data
of interest. There are certain established public peering points. There
are also an arbitrarily large number of private peering points, colocation
spaces, hosting facilities, garages, and closets that may be of interest.

- Daniel Golding                                               

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Schmiedt, Jamie wrote:

> I am looking for websites that deal with bandwidth and performance metrics
> as they pertain to the Internet?  Anything and everything goes.  I need to
> get a snapshot in time of things like "the average speed of the Internet",
> the average size of e-mail messages, the average size of a web page, peering
> points and hosting facilities, current bottlenecks be they hardware,
> software or networks.
> Any cool links for this sorta info will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> -jamie