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Metro-area fiber providers (WAS Re: Cogent Communications?)

  • From: Matt Clauson
  • Date: Wed Dec 13 10:06:16 2000

DISCLAIMER:  Even though I'm posting this from my personal account, I work
for Yipes Communications, who is a competitor of Cogent.  Please take anything
I say with the appropriate amounts of salt.  I promise I'll try not to advertise
too much.  The comments I write below are mine and mine alone, however, and do
not reflect on Yipes Communications, or my DSL provider, or anyone else but me.  ;)

In fact, to be fair, about the only thing I think I can, or should, say is that
there are other providers out there than Cogent.  There was a Slashdot thread,
for those who care about such things:

Working for a competitor, I shouldn't say much else at this point, lest it appear I
be attempting to spread FUD.  If you have any questions about what we provide, please
send them to me offlist and I'll try to get them answered.