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Re: Metro-area fiber providers (WAS Re: Cogent Communications?)

  • From: Matt Clauson
  • Date: Thu Dec 14 21:03:35 2000

On Thu, Dec 14, 2000 at 10:13:41AM -0700, Dave Cooper wrote:
> Not that i am even remotely defending Cogent but 
> how does Yipes plan to offer Internet at Gigabit
> speeds?  Or is that more marketing fud.... 
> Quoted from Yipes web page:
> "Yipes is Faster. Yipes brings you the Internet at 
> fiber-optic speeds, up to 1 Gbps"

I'm not the best at explaining the technology...  But the short version is that we're
deploying our fiber as metro area fiber "rings"....  Using Gig-E fiber, not SONET.
To bring down the data speed to the customer rate, we rate-limit at the ethernet interface
facing the customer (we drop a smart switch in each building where we have a customer lit).
Depending on the customer's requirements (speed, latency, equipment) is what kind of switch
we deploy -- we can provision copper 10(0)baseT, or gig-e fiber.