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Re: How can we provide enough IP address to MAN network

  • From: Quark Physics
  • Date: Mon Jan 01 14:14:31 2001

> In my mind, we have the following choices:
> 1.  Build the MAN into a private address network, a class A network 10.x.x.x will be sufficient for
>      most metropolitan. But the cons is: need PAT/NAT to access public Internet, and that leads to
>      the potential performance bottleneck.

Build the network on sequential /24's in the 192.168.x.x range. Makes
routing easier. Using 10.x.x.x addresses leads to people messing up
netmasks and broadcasting all over the network. I've done two city wide
networks this way and it looks good in theory but sucks in practical

Then, as you need 'public' IP's you can route smaller subnets of public
addresses throughout this network. This also keeps your public servers
limited to  ones you know about.. (at least some).

DHCP? You have got to be kidding for a MAN. 

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