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RE: Dialup congestion and winter weather (fwd)

  • From: Roeland Meyer
  • Date: Wed Jan 03 01:58:46 2001

That isn't the only issue. I've just found that Southern Bell does bandwidth
limiting on their residential customers. Most folks would never know the
difference, but when v.90 modems start consistantly connecting at 14.4K, or
less, then I know that the telco is only allowing 32K per voice channel
(rather than the usual 64K). BTW, that was using AT&T universal LD from
Graham, NC, to Livermore, CA. I only ever got full-speed late at night.

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> Subject: Dialup congestion and winter weather (fwd)
> An important question to ask people reporting this   type of 
> problem is
> are they getitng a normal busy (all modems busy) or a fast busy (telco
> out of circuits).  Two very different problems.  An ISP can work on
> fixing the first, but the second is a telco with a shortage 
> of circuits
> between the customer and the isp.
> > It seems like a lot of people are at home, dialing into the Internet
> > today.  There is a major ice storm in the middle of the country, and
> > its pretty much a holiday week elsewhere.  Traffic seems to 
> be moving on
> > the major backbones, but some folks in the midwest report 
> some problems
> > dialing in from home.
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