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Re: net.terrorism

  • From: Patrick Evans
  • Date: Tue Jan 09 14:17:07 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Jared Mauch wrote:

> 	Filter out any /24 - /32 announcement you hear from
> 	It's ugly but will help keep the route out of your table.
>From what I understand of this silly business, the /32 blackhole route
isn't being advertised by Abovenet and so isn't in the local table at

The /16 being propagated IS, however, and traffic for that host is
following that route via his Abovenet upstream connection (at which
point it's then discarded within Abovenet's network).

I wasn't aware Abovenet were forcing anyone to buy transit from then,
or forcing any of their downstreams to not use filters to block that
particular /16 announcement - is there something in the T&Cs I've not

Of course, if Abovenet's policy is so abhorrent, I'm sure when they
lose their last paying transit customer they'll wake up to their
longtime folly ;)

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