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Re: [Possible OT] California, and running off of generators for extended periods

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Tue Jan 16 14:17:58 2001

    > Anyone using or considering using a gas turbine instead of diesel to run
    > their generators?

Yeah, we talked quite a bit with Caterpillar, and looked at a bunch of
their installations.  That's actually Solar Turbines, which they bought.
Also, we looked at the Capstone units ( for small
installations.  Both looked like big wins.  Both exhaust hot enough to run
a thermal transfer unit to take care of the chillers, although on
radically different scales, of course.  Running full-time on natural gas,
they both amortize themselves in 18mos-24mos vis a vis the cost of utility
electricity.  Obviously the AQMB paperwork for cogen is more of a hassle
than for backup, and that's where we sit right now.