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RE: Second day of rolling blackouts starts

  • From: Mathew Butler
  • Date: Thu Jan 18 18:48:58 2001

Title: RE: Second day of rolling blackouts starts

Los Angeles rates have stayed the same, and they're not having any problems.  (It's a public utility, and thus wasn't forced into competition at the same rate as the private companies.)

-Mat Butler

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On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Roeland Meyer wrote:

> What's wrong with this picture? I see the generators, holding a shotgun at
> PG&E's neck, and telling the state that they'll pull the triggers if the
> state doesn't come up with the dough. They're not even wearing a mask! Yet,
> no one is seeing anything wrong with this and they're acting like it's
> PG&E's fault.

Is the situation any different in the LA area, where Los Angelas Water and
Power is city-owned, and they own a big chunk of their own hydro capacity
(or were they forced to divest that)>

Miles Fidelman

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