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Re: Great job AT&T (re: Microsoft problems)

  • From: Dave McKay
  • Date: Wed Jan 24 16:17:49 2001

jamie rishaw ([email protected]) wrote:
> So, does anyone know what really is going on (from a technical POV) ?

Microsoft's ITG is investigating this issue.  I haven't been clued in as 
of yet as to what is the main issue.  Hotmail's graphs and logins are
currently following the same trends as normal, they seem unaffected, 
however this is not the case in all locations.  DNS seems to be the 
obvious choice for the blame.  This is not the case in all areas, however.
At this point Microsoft is not willing to put the blame on anyone, or
any protocol for that matter.  (Unless they already released a public 
statement saying so, then who knows?)  Anyway, the issues are being worked
on and service will be restored as soon as possible.  I apolozise for not
being able to disclose more information.

Dave McKay
[email protected]
Microsoft Global Network Architect